Maysoun Mustafa – Be open to experiences

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Maysoun Mustafa – Be open to experiences

This episode, Maysoun Mustafa, researcher and plant biologist, talks about her work and experiences living in Malaysia. She oversees the professional and academic development of postgraduate students in a Doctoral Training Partnership between Crops For the Future (CFF) and the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.

“Be open to experiences, be open to meeting new people and, it might seem creepy at times, but just smile. Smile at strangers, smile at whoever…because you never know how a simple smile can affect someone in whatever they’re going through with their day or life…”


Stuff we talked about

2.36: Choosing a career path

3.00: Why you should care about food security

5.59: What’s Crops for the Future? Hint: It’s not about a war on rice.

12.00: Teff in Ethiopia—the replacement for quinoa?

13.00: Enough about work. What happens when you’re not working?


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