What would you do for that date?

This episode of Other Expats podcast was an absolute pleasure to make. It was lit.

Thanks to Ahlam Ali, Shams Osman and Faithful Anere. Yes, his name really is Faithful.

The name could be better (or worse?) though, trust me. The previous president of Nigeria was named Goodluck Jonathan. I know of people named Federal Government, Advantage, God is Good (one name), Excel (not Microsoft), and Ability. I swear, those are people’s names.

I’ve had my fair share of dating, not different from what any of the others on the podcast have experienced. I do not make it a point (or see it as one) to only date Africans or non-Africans. I just date people (women mostly, following Faithful’s definition).

And I think applying Saudi pressure makes dating more exciting. Like, if you have one shot, one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted/will you capture it or let it slip? (Moms Spaghetti). That is the reason dating platforms are not so exciting.

You feel like you have so many options (which you might think is great, but really isn’t), so you end up dilly-dallying from one person to the other. Guys might even gain ‘fuckboy’ status at some point. And if you heard anything Ahlam said, you know that’s not a good thing. Nope.

Would dating be more exciting if you might end up in jail for it? Is it okay to only date within your tribe, ethnic group or race? Do other Africans give their children these outstanding names?

Also, would dating be more exciting if there was a chance you’d end up in jail for it?

Is it okay to only date within your tribe, ethnic group or race?

Press play. Enjoy.

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