Ngonidzashe Jokomo — It’s your time to make a life for yourself

Ngonidzashe Jokomo is our guest on this episode of the Other Expats podcast. Ngonidzashe is a knowledge specialist at a leading online trading platform in Kuala Lumpur and also runs the fashion and printing label mhazilife.

mhazilife works on custom T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, baseball/trucker/flat caps, football/futsal/badminton jersey printing, as well as personal and corporate orders. Ohhh, they also do cosmetic products like make-up, perfumes, colognes, eyelashes, and more. What more? Message Ngonidzashe to find out.!20eab

Stuff we talked about on the podcast:

3.20 — Challenges being a Black expat
3.35 — “There are some instances where you feel like you’re not so welcome in some areas”
7.50 — With COVID-19, it’s difficult to plan when you can see/visit family
10.42 — “…come out of the lockdown different even if it’s something small, like improve the way I speak, improve my posture, or improve the way I interact with my peers”
13.59 — how did you change from being a Black expat abroad?
14.40 — The importance of family and relationships
21.05 — Do you prefer eating Western-style light meals for breakfast? Ohhh and akamu (also called ogi/pap) is fermented cereal, mostly made from corn. Akara is made from ground beans, made into balls and fried, and are also called beanballs.
29.00 — Most jobs are skills-based and getting rejected for a position may be just because you lack the required skills. But how do we know if it’s not just because you’re Black? We talked about this before
31.20 — Learning the local language opens doors for you
33.35 — We need to transform our mindset to achieve what we want
40.00 — It is about the energy that we radiate from our minds
43.40 — You are representing your nation so be the best person you can be
44.10 — Here is a link to mhazilife on Instagram to support the clothing label

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