Abubakar Bala — Make sure you’re not crossing boundaries

Abubakar Bala is a research assistant at a university in Malaysia, where he has been working on artificial intelligence and machine prediction/predictive maintenance. He’s also trying to take the same model into healthcare in predicting/classifying diseases, specifically cancer.  He lived and studied in Saudi Arabia before moving to Malaysia to continue his studies.


Stuff we talked about:

1.56 – Abubakar clarifies that he is not an old man. He’s on the “bright side of 30”

3.17 – Malaysia is a little more accomodating compared with the places he’s been/lived in

6.25 – The diversity in the country has been eye-opening. “When someone stretches it’s hard to go back to how you were before”

13.30 – One challenge in the last year has been finding something new to contribute to the artificial intelligence community as part of his research

17.20 – Discovered a new hobby during the pandemic: writing novellas/short stories (you can find them on his LinkedIn profile here)

23.10 – Abubakar talks about his current project, machine prediction, and using a similar model in predicting and classifying diseases, especially cancer.

25.20 – Funny story about how, in the past, people sent messages between countries by recording their messages on cassette tapes (I didn’t even know that)

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