What is Other Expats about?

Other Expats is a resource community that provides information, tips and guides on living in Malaysia as people of colour (POC). We share content created from our own experiences and research, and often customized to the needs of expatriates who identify as POC. There’s a lot of information we need that’s not available, so we’ll share the ones we’ve tried and tested with you.

What do you get from Other Expats?

Our goal is to make your life easier and save you some time by filling your knowledge gaps. When we first moved to Malaysia, we wished someone had told us a lot of things that we only discovered later, after lots of trial-and-error, hours of research, and tons of other (unnecessary) challenges. We now share what we’ve learned with you, so you can focus on your career and enjoy your stay in Malaysia as POC.

You’ll also meet others like yourself, professionals from diverse backgrounds who aim for excellence, but also struggle with issues that still plague us—racism, sexism, discrimination and stereotyping—in the workplace or in social spheres. We promote overcoming these issues by taking the first step: arming ourselves with knowledge.

Who are we?

Other Expats is run by POC expats who discovered early on in their careers in Malaysia that there was a distinct difference in the way that POCs are treated, both professionally and socially.

Other Expats collects the stories of people like us and shares them so that others may benefit from them. Contribute your own story by emailing us at hello @ otherexpats.com. We’ll love to hear from you!

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~ Chukwudi

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