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Other Expats podcast – Q Sound talks about ‘everything’

On this episode of the Other Expats podcast, Feras Ibrahim, (Toofless), joins us to co-host and talk to our guest Marques Young, also known as Q Sound, about ‘everything’.

Feras is the co-founder and producer of The Dukkan Show, one of iTunes UAE’s top 10 podcasts. He’s also one-half of The Small Room, audio solutions experts who helped produce this episode of the Other Expats podcast.

Q Sound is a prolific trombonist, bandleader, composer, singer and songwriter. He moved to Malaysia from New York in 2009 playing with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, joined a band, Bassment Syndicate, before starting a solo career.

On this episode, Q Sound talks about his career, how inner conflict and personal experiences inspired his last album, Duel Citizenship. We also talk about how he stays productive with his tight schedule, and what’s next for him in 2018.

Image courtesy of Q Sound

The Other Expats’ sound design is by the Big Mean Sound Machine and the intro was created by the Small Room Production.

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