Kristen Noelle – Building communities

This episode of the Other Expats podcast features freedom chaser, digital nomad, and founder of LITT Nomads, Kristen Noelle.

If living and working on the go in Southeast Asia is your thing, you’ll definitely want to hear what she has to say and check out LITT Nomads.

Living in Malaysia
I’ve learnt that it is really important for us to build community and connect abroad, and I love that!

LITT Nomads
The idea is that people can have an immersive experience while they’re working remotely and they can connect with others who think like them. We hold their hands a little bit through the process…

Southeast Asian experience
Southeast Asia has been good to me as far as travel as a solo black traveller, especially. I’ve had mostly positive experiences…!0810d

Stuff we talked about

4.50: LITT Nomads – remote work and travel program to give remote workers an immersive experience in Southeast Asia

7.15: “My travel around Southeast Asia has been really good to me!”

09.08: What is something every expat in Malaysia should experience at least once? Explore outside of the city areas!

15.20: Living here is not super difficult for me culturally because it’s such a Westernised city. It’s a very modern place; they have a lot of conveniences, they speak English in most places, I can find what I need and my work environment specifically is very Western

19.10: Learning the power of building community; moving outside a circle of friends based on familiarity.


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