In conversation with… Nasara Katuka

We met up with Nasara Katuka to talk about her life as an expat in Malaysia. Nasara–from Kaduna in Nigeria–is a Business Developer in Kuala Lumpur. We also found out just how multi-talented she is. Listen now to find out for yourself!!05a4b

Stuff that we talked about:

1:45 – She doesn’t miss church

2:04 – The point where I’m still not sure if she’s Nigerian

2:12 – Introducing Nasara Katuka, from Kaduna State in Nigeria

2:23 – [Facepalm] Ignorance galore

3:50 – She’s a Business Developer

4:04 – Background music from all the families playing at Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya

5:10 – What’s your story?

5:38 – SHe studied Business & Management

5:54 – Company closed and everyone had to “find their own way”

7:55 – Nigerian expats in Malaysia and our reluctance to “go back home”

12:02 – What does she do when she isn’t working?

13:53 – Al talks about his video project

14:52 – Nigeria doesn’t have an accent

16:11 – Favourite and least favourite things about being in Malaysia. First on the list? Electricity.

21:00 – How much travelling do you do?

24:05 – We find out that she models as well!

24:47 – She’s done a commercial for Harpic in May 2018 and a music video with DJ Policy’s African Woman in July 2018. She also does photo shoots. Check out Sunday Girls on Instagram

28:00 – Advice to other expats in Malaysia. Have a backup plan


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