Danny Madzura, our guest on this episode of the Other Expats podcast, talks about getting lost in Cuba and speaking Spanish, the career advantage of being multilingual, being a black expat in a pandemic, and more.

1.20 – Ending up in Malaysia

3.25 – Getting lost in Cuba and speaking Spanish

6.53 – The language advantage in careers

8.10 – Challenges being a Black expat in Malaysia

14.42 – The Malaysian social circle

23.13 – For most companies, diversity and inclusion is just about the optics. The percentage of Black employees should not be the selling point of your organization

28.20 – The confusion over accents

30.45 – The challenge of renting an apartment as a Black expat

32.40 – Being a Black expat in pandemic

36.00 – Some good out of the hell of the pandemic

38.06 – Advice to African, Black, POCs, as well as students who want to be expats in Malaysia

44.50 – Favorite Malaysian food

46.18 – How have you changed as a result of working abroad?

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