Olajide Adejumo – Between basketball and media studies

While he may not technically be an expat yet, Olajide (Ben) Adejumo, a student of HELP university on a sports (basketball) scholarship from Nigeria, shares and experiences a lot of what expats do.

In this episode of the Other Expats podcast, Ben talks about similarities and differences between living in Malaysia and the motherland, making friends, and dribbling on his extremely tight schedule.

Name: Olajide (Ben) Adejumo

What I do: Media studies student and basketballer

Things I like: Basketball

Where I’m from: Lagos, Nigeria

Where I live: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


Stuff we talked about:

01.06: Who is Olajide? BTW, Olajide is Yoruba for ‘wealth comes in the morning’

07.04: What adjustments did he need to make moving to Malaysia on a sports scholarship?

17.11: “My social life is basketball,” says Ben, who shuffles between basketball practice and games and studies

21.00: The conditions that come with a sports scholarship don’t allow for any laziness. “You constantly have to be on your toes.”

28.36: Being judged before we are known


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