Our guest on this episode is Chisomo Sakala, a customer service specialist at a leading call center in Kuala Lumpur and founder/content creator at A Younger Voice. She talks about being a Black woman and an expat; the good, the bad, and the not-so-nice of living in Malaysia; and more.

Stuff we talked about

1.05 – Who is Chisomo

2.23 – A Younger Voice – a platform that focuses on discussing difficult questions and subjects that are often considered the norm. Join the discussion every Sunday on Instagram Live here

6.17 – The good, the bad, and the ugly of the Malaysia culture—the food culture, the cost of living, catering to Malaysians

10.10 – Is the increased attention around racial diversity a trend? How will it affect Black specialists/employees, and expats?

15.14 – Challenges being a Black expat in Malaysia

19.54 – The added challenge of being Black and a woman

23.36 – How being away from home has taught more patience and endurance, dealing with people from different backgrounds and cultures

26.30 – Being a Black expat and single mom during a pandemic. The last year was a “pandemic of blessings.”

34.40 – What students and Other expats should know about and before they choose to come to Malaysia or continue their careers here


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