Our guest on this episode of the Other Expats podcast is Carl Kapapiro, co-founder of SNCT Marketing. He spent 12 years in Malaysia, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in business studies from the University of East London and proceeded to pursue his career in sales and marketing. Carl Kapapiro is currently based in Uganda, where he is continuing his life as an expat while establishing the nation’s premier digital marketing agency.

Stuff we talked about:

  • He’s only been turned down at one or two job interviews. What’s his secret?
  • Getting used to the food in Malaysia?
  • If you’re in Malaysia, you need to visit Langkawi and the night markets?
  • Why traveling around Southeast Asia and Asia will improve your Malaysian experience.
  • Moving back to Africa.
  • Does ignoring racial problems help better than tackling them?
  • And more

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