In conversation with Halima Attahiru

This episode of the Other Expats podcast features Halima Attahiru, from Nigeria, and currently a revenue management/subject matter expert.

I think that it is interesting that many other expats in Malaysia don’t associate with locals.

Does anyone else think that maybe that could help adjust the perception that Malaysians have of foreigners, maybe? People (mostly) fear what they do not know/understand, and if more you make an effort to integrate into the society that you’re in, perhaps the better?

Maybe it is just an unpopular opinion, but let us know your thoughts in the comments section.!1c27b

Stuff we talked about:

1.32 – Who’s Halima Attahiru?

2.35 – Living here for nine years, how different is it from living in Nigeria?

3.54 – The food wasn’t anything to write home about because it had too much sugar. If you’re an expat in Malaysia, did you have any issues transitioning or eating Malaysian food?

5.25 – In Malaysia, you don’t water for free in restaurants. You have to pay for water separately *shock*.

6.07 – Experience as an African woman living in Malaysia?

7.35 – What does Halima do when she’s not working? Tip: cooks, takes online classes.

8.10 – Loves cooking African food. Where she lives in Malaysia has a lot of African convenience stores—expensive but available.

9.50 – What’s one thing every expat should try when they’re in Malaysia?

10.57 – She works with the airline so she gets to do a lot of traveling within and around Malaysia.

11.44 – Most and least favorite things about living in Malaysia? The public holidays! And the transportation system.

15.17 – Who are her crowd in Malaysia; Africans, locals or more of an international group?

17.24 – What’s most different about living abroad?


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