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In conversation with Emmanuel Okwu

These are trying times and we hope you are staying safe by following the recommended health guidelines. This is going to be here a while but it will pass.

Our guest on this episode of the Other Expats podcast, Emmanuel Chisom Okwu, does not talk about “the rona.”

Emmanuel talks about his experience starting the International Student Council while at the Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University to change the perception of Malaysians about foreign students, transitioning from student to working, what he enjoys most living in Malaysia, visiting Sabah, and a lot of other stuff you’ll hear when you listen.

Visiting Sabah and more

About holders of the Nigerian passport not being allowed to visit Sabah, after this recording, we contacted the Sabah Immigration department, and after being redirected to at least five different officers who made it known that holders of the Nigerian passport are (generally) still not allowed to visit Sabah, we were informed that the final decision rests with the Sabah Minister’s office. On an individual basis, you can apply to the office and they decide if they will allow you into the state.

We also recently learned that holders of the Nigerian passport are no longer allowed to visit Cambodia (apparently this has been on for the last 2–3 years). If this is a competition to see how fast the Nigerian passport can sink to the bottom of all international lists, I think we’re doing amazingly well.

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