Whei Meng, CEO of Malaysian-based startup, Speedhome.com, is our guest on this episode of the Other Expats podcast. We haven’t featured a lot of non-other expats, but one of our goals is to provide useful resources for living in Malaysia. Speedhome.com is one of those useful resources.

In addition, Whei Meng’s Speedhome.com is fighting (or, at least, trying to) what many other expats (and some locals) have encountered in Malaysia: discrimination when looking to rent a property. It’s either “the owner doesn’t want foreigners” (general) or the more specific, “the owner doesn’t want Africans/Nigerians.”

Whei Meng believes that the homeowners are not necessarily racist, they’re just protecting their properties. From what? Ahhh, you’ll have to listen to find out. Here’s the podcast. Also available on your favorite podcast platform.

If you haven’t already, you might also want to see a video we featured in recently that has a similar message. The video, House for Rent: Chinese Only, was created by Malaysian comedian, Kavin Jay, to try to use comedy to tackle racism in the real estate industry.

See the video on Facebook here.

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