Our conversation with Felix Tabenda—Cameroonian and a Lead Finance Analyst at an MNC in Malaysia—was in December 2018 and we had a lot to talk about.


Stuff we talked about

01.20 – Moving from Cameroon to Dubai to Malaysia

04.39 – Work culture in Cameroon vs Dubai vs Malaysia

07.00 – Culture shocks and medical certificates (MC)

10.30 – The challenge of spouses getting into the job market in Malaysia

14.25 – Renting a house as an African in Malaysia

17.13 – Needing international vetting to open a bank account

21.30 – Being followed at the mall

26.30 – Some of the weird questions African expats get

31.00 – Being an expat African husband and father in Malaysia

32.32 – Long-winding sentence about family hangouts with other families

36.40 – Have financial plans in mind when moving here

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