Al Ibrahim: You’d have to be really good, really fast or really nice

In the first week of December, we managed to convince Al Ibrahim to re-record an interview we recorded a month earlier. After listening to that session while editing, we realized it could be better.!2c272

So, we reached out to the awesome audio producers at The Small Room to help out, then we got Al to join us in the studio. He talks more about that and how relationships play a part in whether your clients, friends or customers return to deal with you after the first time.

Al Ibrahim is writer and photographer, and professional videographer at Mindvalley, and talks about the art scene in KL, how he got stopped by immigration at the Kota Kinabalu Airport in Sabah and sent back to KL, and the frequent ‘routine’ checks of black men by the police in KL.


The Other Expats’ sound design is by the Big Mean Sound Machine and the intro was created by the Small Room Production.

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