5 online sites to buy a used car in Malaysia for expats

buy used car in Malaysia

5 online sites to buy a used car in Malaysia for expats

So, you’re looking to buy a new or used car in Malaysia? The ride-hailing service, Grab, has not been the most effective service provider since it bought out its biggest rival, Uber, two years ago and some of us are done with that.

If that is you too and you want to buy a car for yourself, just know that no one blames you for the pollution in the world. However, as an expat in Malaysia, you may be wondering where the best place is to get a used vehicle in Malaysia.

There’s no best place to get used cars in Malaysia. Especially for used vehicles. You can search online, but you still need to go and inspect what you intend to buy before paying for it. It is not like you’re just shopping online for groceries.

In addition, if you intend to buy a used car on a loan, know that most Malaysian banks only finance up to 70% of the total cost for foreigners in the country.

Having said that, these are our top five online sites for searching for a new or used car to buy in Malaysia. Factors we considered include the ease of use, ability to contact the sellers, visual aid and extra features.


This site keeps getting featured on all our lists because they are a marketplace for everything. And the site is easy to use. You can search for your preferred used car with several filters—type, model, make, location, year and price. They feature an easy to use car loan calculator for each vehicle. Foreigners still cannot get full car loans.

Motor Trader

Probably the oldest platform in this list for buying and selling vehicles in Malaysia, Motor Trader has a large base of car classifieds. It is on the list because it is the only other site on this list where you can get some not-so-popular auto parts outside of Mudah.my.


Offers filters similar to Mudah’s to make narrowing your search easier. One advantage that all the other sites on our list have over Mudah.my is their news and reviews features. You get a buying guide, general news on the auto industry in Malaysia and car reviews of vehicles that you might be interested in.


This list is not about the age of the website but usually, the longer a site has been around, the bigger its community. And a community is something that comes in handy if you’re buying a used car in Malaysia. Or anywhere. Autoworld.com.my is the second oldest after Motor Trader and offers new and used cars, news, insurance and finance tools and a forum where enthusiasts (or you) can have car talks or plan meetups.

Your favourite brand’s recon vehicles

This is not one site. Most auto brands have since realised that there is a lot of money in the used car market. So, many of them offer their used, reconditioned vehicles themselves. The advantage this has is some level of guaranty knowing that the company that made the vehicle, repaired it and are reselling it. The prices may be higher than what you will find in the market. Examples are Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, BMW and Toyota.

Have you bought a used car on any of these sites? What was your experience? If you have other favourite sites to buy a used vehicle in Malaysia, let us know in the comments!

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