3 things to do during the next long holiday weekend

One of our favourite things about living in Malaysia is the (almost) abundant long weekend holidays. Even on those that are not so long, we suspect many people just take a few additional days off work to extend the holidays.

If you’re interested in exploring a change of scenery, here are three things you can do during the long holiday weekend without spending too much money, whether you go with the longer nine-day option of the more modest four-day alternative.

See beautiful beaches

Malaysia offers you a choice of islands, many of them well above average. From Redang Island to Tioman Island, Pangkor Island and Langkawi Island.

Sipadan island malaysia, weekend holiday
Sipadan Island Malaysia (source: Dive the World)

Langkawi is a favourite of many travellers because of the duty-free alcohol—cheaper than you can get in KL. A bus ride to any of these will take a few hours, but you get to see the countryside and it’s mostly cheaper than flying.

There are even more islands in East Malaysia—Sabah and Sarawak. If you’re into diving, then you won’t want to miss Sipadan Island, Malaysia’s only oceanic island. In Kota Kinabalu (the capital city of Sabah), you can go island hopping if one island is not enough.

Get a new perspective…

…from one of the many mountain tops and highlands. Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands, and Bukit Tinggi are some of the more popular destinations.

Genting Highlands, holiday weekend
Genting Highlands (source: Genting Highlands)

However, they cater more to one/two-day staycations and not-balling-on-a-budget holiday seekers. For instance, unlike just relaxing by a beach, the attractions available at any of the lodgings in these highlands are not free.

Experience a new culture

If you’re an other expat, you’re probably no stranger to culture and traditions. It’s still exciting experiencing what other traditions are like—similarities and differences to yours.

A'Famosa Malacca: 16th Century Portuguese fortress
A’Famosa Malacca: 16th Century Portuguese fortress (source: Wikimedia)

If you want to experience the kampung (village) life is like in Malaysia, one place to do so is at the Kahang Organic farm. Leave the city behind and participate in activities like trawling for fish, bamboo rafting and barbecuing to unleash your inner kampung child.

Visit UNESCO World Heritage state, Malacca. It boasts the country’s oldest functioning Catholic church, mosque, and a Buddhist temple. The nightlife isn’t exactly bustling, but it exists. If the nightlife is important, then Penang, Langkawi and Kota Kinabalu might be your best options.

Those are just some things you can do. We know there’s many, many more.

We’ll like to hear from you; what are the best things and places to go for a long holiday weekend in Malaysia? Tell us in the comments section below.

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