Here are your options for ride-hailing in Malaysia

Commuter waiting for a ride-hailing service car

Here are your options for ride-hailing in Malaysia

Ride-hailing in Malaysia isn’t at it’s most competitive level right now. Uber’s relationship with Southeast Asia didn’t work out very well, and the ride-hailing service had to exit the region in March.

That left its biggest competitor—and purchaser—Grab wielding a ‘monopolistic’ sledgehammer over commuters. While the service has tried to revamp its interface to look more global and even Uber-like, many people still see Grab as the more expensive, lower service platform from the Uber era (feels like so long ago, right?)

Here are the alternatives for ride-hailing in Malaysia if you want to try something different!

#1. MyCar


– Grab competitor

– Available in more than a few states

Not so great

– RM5 minimum fare in the Klang Valley

– Only accepts cash


#2. MULA


– Available in KL and Penang

– Also has MULA Parcel

Not so great

– Only available in KL and Penang

– A single app for Car & Parcel; confusion ensues

– Only accepts cash

– The app looks like it’s still in alpha stage


#3. SoCar

Not a ride-hailing service but a “car-sharing” one. That’s basically car rentals.


– Prices start at RM8 compared with RM14 for GoCar

– Has parking arrangements with some public car parks in KL

– You get to drive yourself and choose your destiny

– You can choose to have the car delivered to your door

Not so great

– May not accept your driver’s licence if it’s not Malaysian/international

– You have to go find the car at the parking locations

– You need your own Smart Tag or Touch ‘n’ Go

#4. Dacsee

This is also not a ride-sharing/hailing app but it is worth mentioning. While ‘Dacsee’ might sound like a play on words and similar to ‘taxi’, it’s an acronym for Decentralised Alternative Cabs Serving & Empowering Everyone. Yep.

It operates on a multi-level market (MLM) style principle that allows drivers to earn when they introduce another driver to the mix, but only up to three levels. It also taps into blockchain technology to keep transactions transparent.


– Allows passengers to make a list of preferred customers

– Payment by cash, credit card or cryptocurrency

Not so great

– Not available to most people yet

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