Do you enjoy running or walking or even just strolling? How about heart-thumping dance music? What do you think about playing in the rain (or just water)? SongkRUN combines all three in one super exciting, non-competitive 5km run on 26 March 2017 at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park (MAEPS) in Serdang, Malaysia.

Songkran (note the slightly different spelling) is the famous Thai New Year festival in April every year when people cleanse the old and bring in the new, as well as to usher in good fortune with lots and lots of water. SongkRUN (organized by Six Foot Yellow Worldwide) brings the celebration to Malaysia and seven other countries, including Thailand for those who don’t have the opportunity to go experience the actual festival.

SongkRUN is described as the world’s first water fun-run experience (along the scenic route of MAEPS), with multiple water and music zones. What that means is you get to be sprayed a lot of icy water at every pit stop with music in the background.

SongkRUN Water Run pitstops

The pit stops double as themed obstacles combining several music genres—Water Fountain, Foam Party, Rain Shower, Icy Tunnel and Fire Brigade. Just get to the finish line and you’ll join the colourful after-party featuring musicians and DJs including Chukiess & Whackboi and ANRK.

If you enjoy running, the latest dance music and rain showers as well as chasing friends, family, and strangers around with water guns (provided by the organizer)—combined into one fun experience—then go register now. Ticket prices for the event are between RM88 and RM155. We’ll see you there!

Things for Other Expats to remember:

1- If you’re going alone and taking public transportation, go early to beat the flash fares (increased fares for rush hour) and the crowds.

2- If you have a backpack with you, look for the luggage storage area usually provided by the organizers for free for the runners. Contact the organizers HERE.

3- Don’t forget to pack fresh clothes and shoes or slippers (helpful for your ride home!). Sunglasses would be great, too! Try not to wear clothes with colours that bleed out.

4- Have some cash in hand for drinking water or food purchases.

5- You’re not allowed to bring in water guns not bought from/provided by the organizers, so don’t even.

6- Prepare your gadgets for the water splashing! You can get waterproof containers or holders for less than RM 20 at online shops (check Mudah or Lazada) or at the gadget shops at your local mall.

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