Our guest on this episode of the Other Expats podcast is Faith Gotora, a ticketing agent at an airline in Kuala Lumpur and owner of Wigs by Fay, a wigs, hair extensions, and hair accessories shop.

You can find Wigs by Fay on the website here and the IG here.

Stuff we talked about

2.10 – Passion for making people look nice

5.14 – Malaysian food gets another upvote

5.45 – It takes a while for locals to open up to foreigners

6.45 – Companies make a show of being inclusive without being so

7.30 – Black employees have to work many times harder to even get promoted

12.00 – People are not so open to talking to/approaching Black employees

13.40 – Everything is easier when you’re working from home

18.30 – Malaysia is a great place for someone who wants to just work

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